Losing Precious Sleep? Time to Shop for New Mattresses in Los Angeles

As you can see, sufficient sleep is vital to your health, but don’t forget that the mattress you’re sleeping on directly affects the quality of sleep you get. If your mattress is robbing you of precious rest, it’s high time to shop for new mattresses in Los Angeles. Here are some signs that point to “replace your old mattress now”:

You Sleep Better in a Hotel Room

People often have trouble sleeping in beds other than their own, so if you find yourself slumbering more comfortably on a hotel bed, then your mattress at home might be causing your sleep troubles. While getting a new mattress is a big investment, it’s still considerably cheaper than renting a hotel room just to get quality sleep.

Your Mattress is 10 Years Old

Generally speaking, a mattress has a lifespan of about 10 years. By the time it reaches the decade mark, it usually has sagging parts or protruding springs, aside from accumulating allergens like dust mites that can trigger asthma or allergy attacks.


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