Consumer Reports Recommends Certified Organic Mattresses Labels Available in Los Angeles

Consumer Reports: Certified Organic Mattresses Labels in Los Angeles

With a third of your life spent sleeping, you should lie on a bed that gives you a good night’s rest without damaging your health in the long run. Ordinary mattresses usually have chemicals that are bad for your wellbeing.

To reduce toxic chemicals, a number of bed manufacturers offer different types of organic mattresses. Natural or organic beds, however, should have the right certifications to ensure you are getting the right product. Consumer Reports evaluated several labels and recommended reliable organic mattresses certifications on products available in Los Angeles.

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Top Three Things to Look For In an Organic Mattress Store

What Buyers Can Expect upon Entering a Great Organic Mattress Store

If you don’t know it yet, your bed may contain harmful chemicals which are bad for your health. The usual mattress contains flame retardant chemicals, such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), and other elements, namely formaldehyde, perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) and perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These chemicals have been associated with neonatal brain damage, as well as hormonal disruptions, respiratory illnesses, and cancer.

Since we spend a third of our lives sleeping, constant exposure to these toxic elements are detrimental to our wellbeing. Buying an organic mattress can reduce hazardous chemical exposure, but you also need to know what to look for in an organic mattress store to get the best deals.

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Old Mattresses Can be Toxic to Kids: Choose Organic Mattresses Instead

Parents Select A GOTS-certified Organic Mattress For Their ChildrenYour children sleep on their beds for 7 to 12 hours each day, so you can imagine how much the toxic elements in their mattresses can affect their health. Their sleep should be helping them recover energy and develop their bodies, not contaminating their lungs and brains or making them sick.  Learning about the toxicity of typical beds and old mattresses should convince you to shift to a healthier organic mattress from Los Angeles.

Toxic and Old Mattresses: Effects on Children

Most ordinary mattresses contain toxic chemicals. Some of these hazardous elements are brominated and chlorinated flame retardants (BFRs and CFRs), such as polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). They accumulate in human beings and their environments. These chemicals have been associated with brain damage in fetuses, hormonal dysfunctions, and cancer, according to the 30th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) last month. Mattresses older than 8 years can be harmful too. Hazardous chemicals in old mattresses do not fully dissipate and continue to gas off. Foam also breaks down in time and becomes airborne. Old mattresses tend to have more bacteria, fungi, and dust mites, resulting in worsened allergies and asthma attacks among children and adults alike.

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Worsened Dust Mite Allergies May Mean It’s Time to Buy a New Mattress!

Reducing Dust Mite Allergy: Airing Bedrooms and Buying a New Mattress

Dust mites are tiny but harmful to those allergic to them. People who are sensitive or allergic to dust mites exhibit the following symptoms: watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing, coughing and breathing problems, skin rashes and itching, and aggravated asthma. If you have dust mite allergies and experience worsening reactions, check your beddings. A mattress older than 8 years may be vulnerable to dust mite infestation and will require urgent replacement.

Dust Mite Allergies

Dust mites are the cousins of spiders. They are arachnids that are as small as one-third of a millimeter. These bugs thrive in warm and humid places. Mites consume human skin and animal dander for food, which is why they are frequently found in beds. An average mattress can have 100,000 to 10 million mites!

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Comfortable New Mattresses: When and What To Buy and Why You Need New Ones

Buying New Mattresses in Los Angeles: The Best Ones for Better Sleep

If you’re constantly waking up with a back ache, while other family members are complaining of poor sleep, it’s time to check the quality of your mattresses. An old mattress can give you health problems, particularly if it’s already directly affecting sleep quality. Most likely, you need to buy a new mattress. Before you do, you should learn about the features of the best one for you and your family, and why you should invest on good mattresses.

Characteristics of the Best Mattresses

There’s no single formula for choosing mattresses. The spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and an associate professor at Georgia State University, Dr. Michael Decker, emphasized that the idea of the best mattress is highly subjective. He stressed that there is no one best mattress, and instead, it depends on the person who would lie on it. Additionally, you should test the mattress by lying on it for 20 minutes, which is as long as a nap. This way, you can personally assess the comfort level and determine if the mattress is just the right firmness.

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Los Angeles Mattress Sale: Tips on Getting the Best Beds and Great Deals

Get the Most Out of a Los Angeles Mattress Sale: Scoping Out Deals

You spend generally a third of your life sleeping, which is why a good mattress can have a direct impact on your health. The Better Sleep Council recommends buying a new mattress after 5 to 7 years because an old one can no longer sufficiently support your weight in the prone position. The time range is wide because a mattress’ lifespan depends on many factors, including the durability of its materials and the sleeping habits of those who use it, among others. Several shops in Los Angeles periodically hold a mattress sale, but before you dive in and buy on impulse, here are some tips to get the best deals.

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Tips for Choosing the Ideal Bed at Los Angeles, CA Mattress Stores

Los Angeles, CA Mattress Stores: Finding the Right Firmness and Price

Sleep is vital to general well-being and health. With a third of your life spent sleeping, it is essential to lie on a bed that helps you get quality sleep. A good mattress can spell the difference between a night of tossing and turning and comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Mattress stores in Los Angeles, CA can offer different kinds of products at varying prices. Choosing the ideal mattress, however, is a highly personal process that can be done using the following steps.

The Steps to Choosing the Ideal Bed

The first step is determining any existing health condition that can affect your sleep. Consult a doctor if you have chronic neck or back pain. He/she can already make several recommendations on the kind of mattress you should purchase. If you have an allergy, an organic or hypoallergenic mattress might be best. Your health conditions can directly impact the ideal mattress type for you.

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A Good Mattress Store in Los Angeles: Sleep Specialists and Mattress Choices

Finding a Mattress Store in Los Angeles with Good Sleep Specialists

Recent studies have shown that a comfortable mattress is important to a good night’s sleep. Sleep, in turn, is essential to good health because you spend a third of your life sleeping. The more comfortable you sleep, the less you experience sleep interruption and back pain. If you’ve sleeping on the same bed for more than 8 years, it’s time for a replacement. Preferably, your new mattress should fit your comfort preferences and health conditions.

If you’re looking for a great mattress store in Los Angeles, there are several that have sleep specialists and offer numerous excellent choices.

Sleep Specialists to Guide and Not Pressure You

The function of a helpful sleep specialist is to guide you in choosing the best bed for your body and specific needs. These specialists are like doctors who diagnose you for the right mattress after determining your health conditions, such as chronic back pain and allergies. They will also ask if you share your bed with a partner or if you’re an active sleeper because it means you would need a bed that has low motion transfer.

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Sleeping Tips: Exercise, Food, and Visiting Los Angeles Mattress Stores

Los Angeles Mattress Stores Have Beds that Can Help You Sleep Better

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized, especially now that more people get less shut-eye due to increased social media screen time. Screen time refers to facing mobile phones and other gadget screens. Quality sleep is essential to good health, but not all people know how to sleep well. Here are some tips that will help you get better sleep, including getting enough daytime exercise, being mindful of what you eat and drink before bedtime, and being comfortable in bed, which may include a trip to Los Angeles mattress stores, if you need a new mattress.

Exercise During the Day

Many people cannot sleep at night because they lack sufficient daytime physical activity. Regular physical activity can result in better sleep. Exercising regularly can also reduce insomnia and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder where you experience one or more pauses in breathing while asleep. These pauses can last from seconds to minutes, which may produce snorting or choking. Regular exercise has also been connected to deep, restorative sleeping. Do not exercise too close to bedtime, however, because this can energize you and prevent you from feeling sleepy.

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Using a New Medium-Firm Mattress and Its Positive Effects on Your Health

A Firm Mattress Can Improve Sleep Quality and Reduce Lower Back Pain

If you’re waking up dissatisfied with your sleep and with a back ache to boot, your old mattress might be the primary culprit. Instead of sleeping it off, you should consider buying a new one. Scientific studies have shown that using a new mattress can be good for your health. This is especially true if you’ve been using an old mattress that’s already so worn out, it can no longer properly support your body weight as you sleep.

The Meaning of a Good, New Mattress

The meaning of a good mattress has to be qualified first. It must be medium-firm, according to a 2003 Lancet study, because a bed that’s too hard would feel uncomfortable. What is medium-firm would vary for every person, however, due to different body weights and notions of comfort. A comfortable mattress for a 200-pound buyer in Los Angeles, for instance, might be different from someone who weighs 130 pounds. You have to lie down on the mattress for at least twenty minutes to determine if it’s comfortable enough for you.

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