Using a New Medium-Firm Mattress and Its Positive Effects on Your Health

A Firm Mattress Can Improve Sleep Quality and Reduce Lower Back Pain

If you’re waking up dissatisfied with your sleep and with a back ache to boot, your old mattress might be the primary culprit. Instead of sleeping it off, you should consider buying a new one. Scientific studies have shown that using a new mattress can be good for your health. This is especially true if you’ve been using an old mattress that’s already so worn out, it can no longer properly support your body weight as you sleep.

The Meaning of a Good, New Mattress

The meaning of a good mattress has to be qualified first. It must be medium-firm, according to a 2003 Lancet study, because a bed that’s too hard would feel uncomfortable. What is medium-firm would vary for every person, however, due to different body weights and notions of comfort. A comfortable mattress for a 200-pound buyer in Los Angeles, for instance, might be different from someone who weighs 130 pounds. You have to lie down on the mattress for at least twenty minutes to determine if it’s comfortable enough for you.

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