What Science Says about Shopping for the Right Bed in Mattress Stores



There are numerous ongoing research efforts that examine the benefits of specific mattress types, whether it is to help people sleep more soundly, to reduce pain, or to decrease complications arising from other health conditions. These studies serve as a guiding light for bed and mattress manufacturers to update their designs and improve the function of their products.

Reducing Back Pain

A common generalization about comfy mattresses is that they should be really soft. However, studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses work best for patients with chronic low back pain. When you sleep on a bed that offers ample support for your body, your spine is aligned correctly. Hence, you’ll feel less pain while lying down, and you won’t encounter difficulty getting up in the morning.

Steering Clear of Toxins and Allergens

As today’s consumers are now more wary about chemicals in food, they are also conscious about possible toxins they come in contact with while in bed. In previous years, old mattress designs for cribs and beds were made of foams that were found to emit volatile organic compounds (VOC). These can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2mUZVSA



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