Experts Reveal Why ‘Satisfied’ Customers Still Visit a Mattress Sale to Look for a Bed Replacement


At first glance, it might not be entirely noticeable that you have to replace your mattress after almost a decade of service. Unlike other products with a definite expiration date or show obvious signs of wear and tear, replacing your mattress is generally based on several factors, some of which have nothing to do with physical appearance, but more with its performance.

The impulse to shop

According to a 2016 Better Sleep Council sales research, while a majority of consumers claimed satisfaction with their current beds, it did not stop them from visiting the nearest mattress sale to look for a new mattress to sleep on. It turns out, consumers nowadays are smart enough to keep up with the latest mattress technologies designed to help them sleep better.

Currently, traditional mattresses still dominate most bedrooms in the country, with pillow-tops and spring mattresses taking the lead. However, more shoppers are looking into specialized bedding such as airbeds, hybrid mattresses, and adjustable beds as potential replacements for their current ones. Read more from this blog.



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