Look Beyond the Tag to Know Whether an ‘Organic Mattress’ is Genuine or Ersatz


Today, health-conscious consumers prefer products tagged as “organic” and “all-natural”. The mattress industry has definitely joined the bandwagon of marketing a product billed as non-toxic or eco-friendly.

The rise in the number of shoppers for an organic mattress should be enough proof that the industry is doing well in converting consumers from their previous bedding of choice. However, with many brands and many fledgling organic mattress manufacturers on the market today, you can’t help but wonder whether you are buying a genuinely organic mattress or just wasting your hard-earned money on ersatz organic?

Why buy an organic mattress?

Before getting right into the tips, you must first understand the reason why you need to consider purchasing an organic mattress. Some consumers, particularly mothers with young kids, are deeply concerned with the harmful chemicals that might adversely affect their sleeping children.

Since an ordinary mattress might be coated with fire-retardants and other chemicals to comply with government standards, consumers understandably try to search for a non-toxic, organic bed. Read more on this article. http://bit.ly/2npY30g


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