How to Choose the Best Mattress to Help Reduce Your Low Back Pain

You Need to Lie on a Mattress for Minutes to Determine its Firmness


Back pain is one of the main causes of reduced mobility by middle age. In particular, low back pain prevents people from doing regular physical activity such as standing from bed and walking. Many doctors used to recommend sleeping on a firm mattress to alleviate low back pain. However, a current study indicates that a stiff mattress may be the last thing you need as it can even worsen pain. Learn more about what science says about back pain management through the right mattress and how to find the best mattress that will be good for your back.

What the Latest Study Says about the Right Mattress for Painful Backs

A study in Spain were conducted on patients with a history of back pain. The participants were given either a firm or medium-firm mattress without knowledge as to the type they received. After they slept on these mattresses, the researchers learned that people who slept on medium-firm mattresses were twice as likely to say they had less back pain when they woke up than those who slept on firmer beds. Read more on this article:


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