Why Pregnant Women with Insomnia May Need to Buy New Bedding at a Mattress Sale

Pregnant Women Can Find Comfortable Bedding During a Mattress Sale

Avoid substances with caffeine prior to sleeping. Don’t drink coffee at night and try to limit caffeine intake overall as it may prevent your body from absorbing the iron that you and your baby need.

Exercise for 30 minutes every day. Walking every morning can help you sleep better. Don’t exercise three hours or fewer before sleeping because it can increase your heart rate and delay your ability to sleep.

Take a warm bath and receive a massage before sleeping. A warm bath can relax your body, while a massage can reduce pain.

If you’re using an old mattress, buy a new one and use comfortable pillows. New beddings, often cheaper at a mattress sale, can help you sleep better. At the same time, put pillows under your legs and lower back to reduce the pressure on your back, resulting in a sounder sleep. Read more from this blog. http://bit.ly/2pb9k9R


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