The Ultimate Consumer’s Guide to Purchasing an Organic Mattress

Top Reasons Why Your Next Bed Purchase Should be an Organic Mattress

With the market trend for organic products still going strong, it’s only to be expected that consumers are now opting to buy items proudly tagged as organic. Even in the bedding industry, shoppers are choosing to buy an organic mattress rather than the conventional box spring variety, regardless of the significant price difference between the two types.

Why Go Organic?

Health remains the motivation when consumers choose to buy anything organic. Mattresses are not excluded from the concept of a healthy lifestyle. For good reason: Most fibers, particularly cotton, are usually treated with harmful pesticides before finding their way into mattresses.

It takes little effort to imagine how easy one can breathe in residual pesticides inside something that is snugged against your face. There are well documented instances that these subtle fumes can actually trigger asthma and other allergic reactions, especially among kids. Read more from this blog.


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