How to Save Money When Buying from Los Angeles Mattress Retailers

“When patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July or Memorial Day arrive, a mattress sale in Los Angeles can’t be far behind. If your mattress is still serviceable, hold out for a few more months so you can take advantage of these seasonal discounts.

Coil System Matters

If you don’t need reinforced support, you can opt for mattresses that have a Bonnell coil system, which are the most affordable variants on the market. These mattresses feature a thick top and bottom, along with a thinner middle portion. Sandwiched in between are hour-glass-shaped coils which lend that soft but firm feeling when you lie down.”


A Buying Guide for Homeowners Visiting a Los Angeles Mattress Store

“Check out brands websites. Before hitting the stores, it’s a good idea to check the website of the brands your favorite stores carry. Most manufacturers have information about the different lines they produce. This will give you an idea of what you’ll be looking for when you finally head to that mattress outlet in Los Angeles.

Take measurements. It is a must that you know the measurements of your bed or where your bed will be placed. This will make sure that the mattress you’ll buy is a perfect fit to the bedframe or the space you will use.”

Buying at Los Angeles Mattress Stores for Topping off Your Murphy Bed

“Weight will be vital in choosing the ideal mattress for the Murphy bed. You must consult the bed maker about the specific weight thresholds for the frame and whether the frame proper has box springs. At the same time, your mattress provider must guide you on whether the warranty covers usage in a Murphy bed.

The items available at well-stocked mattress stores in Los Angeles like Glendale Mattress Central are highly-geared for comfort, but Abbey suggests adding on to that comfort using memory foam toppers. Install the toppers on the mattress before you wrap the sheets to ensure that they will not shift out of position while in storage.”