How to Break the Cycle of Chronic Pain and Insomnia with New Bedding from Mattress Stores

Customers with Insomnia Test Different Beddings at Mattress Stores


Insomnia and sleeping illnesses can worsen the condition of people with chronic back pains. Insufficient sleep can exacerbate pain, which is probably why 50% to 80% of patients who suffer chronic pain complain of sleep problems, too. To help relieve chronic pain, learn more about the causes of insomnia and the natural ways of improving sleep, including the purchase of new bedding from mattress stores.

Insomnia Patterns

Insomnia can entail difficulties in falling asleep. External and internal distractions make it hard for you to sleep. For instance, loud noises you aren’t used to, a brightly-lit room, and new surroundings may be external sleep distractions. Meanwhile, thinking about work or personal problems are inner hindrances to catching a wink. Different extrinsic and intrinsic factors may keep you from dozing in the first place. Read more on this article:


What Science Says about Shopping for the Right Bed in Mattress Stores



There are numerous ongoing research efforts that examine the benefits of specific mattress types, whether it is to help people sleep more soundly, to reduce pain, or to decrease complications arising from other health conditions. These studies serve as a guiding light for bed and mattress manufacturers to update their designs and improve the function of their products.

Reducing Back Pain

A common generalization about comfy mattresses is that they should be really soft. However, studies have shown that medium-firm mattresses work best for patients with chronic low back pain. When you sleep on a bed that offers ample support for your body, your spine is aligned correctly. Hence, you’ll feel less pain while lying down, and you won’t encounter difficulty getting up in the morning.

Steering Clear of Toxins and Allergens

As today’s consumers are now more wary about chemicals in food, they are also conscious about possible toxins they come in contact with while in bed. In previous years, old mattress designs for cribs and beds were made of foams that were found to emit volatile organic compounds (VOC). These can cause respiratory problems and allergies. Read more on this article.


Tips for Choosing the Ideal Bed at Los Angeles, CA Mattress Stores

Los Angeles, CA Mattress Stores: Finding the Right Firmness and Price

Sleep is vital to general well-being and health. With a third of your life spent sleeping, it is essential to lie on a bed that helps you get quality sleep. A good mattress can spell the difference between a night of tossing and turning and comfortable, uninterrupted sleep. Mattress stores in Los Angeles, CA can offer different kinds of products at varying prices. Choosing the ideal mattress, however, is a highly personal process that can be done using the following steps.

The Steps to Choosing the Ideal Bed

The first step is determining any existing health condition that can affect your sleep. Consult a doctor if you have chronic neck or back pain. He/she can already make several recommendations on the kind of mattress you should purchase. If you have an allergy, an organic or hypoallergenic mattress might be best. Your health conditions can directly impact the ideal mattress type for you.

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Sleeping Tips: Exercise, Food, and Visiting Los Angeles Mattress Stores

Los Angeles Mattress Stores Have Beds that Can Help You Sleep Better

The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be overemphasized, especially now that more people get less shut-eye due to increased social media screen time. Screen time refers to facing mobile phones and other gadget screens. Quality sleep is essential to good health, but not all people know how to sleep well. Here are some tips that will help you get better sleep, including getting enough daytime exercise, being mindful of what you eat and drink before bedtime, and being comfortable in bed, which may include a trip to Los Angeles mattress stores, if you need a new mattress.

Exercise During the Day

Many people cannot sleep at night because they lack sufficient daytime physical activity. Regular physical activity can result in better sleep. Exercising regularly can also reduce insomnia and sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a common disorder where you experience one or more pauses in breathing while asleep. These pauses can last from seconds to minutes, which may produce snorting or choking. Regular exercise has also been connected to deep, restorative sleeping. Do not exercise too close to bedtime, however, because this can energize you and prevent you from feeling sleepy.

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