California’s ‘Bye-Bye’ Program: Consumer’s Guide to Disposing Used Mattresses in Los Angeles


A mattress is undeniably one of the bulkiest and heaviest furniture that you’ll ever have to get rid of. It’s not surprising, then, that a disposed mattress almost always end up in the strangest places like at the bottom of a lake, or abandoned in a lonely alley or inside a dilapidated building.

However, disposing old mattresses in Los Angeles is never a problem with California’s Bye-Bye Mattress Program being strictly implemented across the state.

What is the Bye-Bye Mattress Program?

The Bye-Bye program, more formally known as California’s Used Mattress Recovery and Recycling Act, is a statewide recycling program that aims to dismantle discarded mattresses and use the collected materials to produce other things. Read more from this blog.


The Importance of Getting Quality Mattresses for Your Health


It is during sleep that your body gets a reprieve after a full day of activity, and it is also the time for your mind to relax so you can wake up fully energized the next day. This is why your body needs enough uninterrupted hours of sleep.

Thus, you should be careful to choose the most comfortable beds and mattresses. Too firm, and you might end up with a sore back. Too soft, and you won’t be getting the back support that you need. Read more from this blog: