The Support Quality in Mattresses Proves Critical to a Quick Recovery from Back Injuries

Consumers with Injured Backs Should Mull Better Sleeping Mattresses


Sleep is the only occasion when all your muscles, ligaments, and your spine components can completely relax. If you’re suffering from a back disorder or injury, a sound sleep becomes ever more important because a good night’s sleep helps your body recover faster physically and psychologically. Sleeping provides torn muscles and ligaments time and energy to heal, while easing your mind so that your body can focus on recuperation without the complication of stress.

The Role Mattresses Play in Sleeping Patterns

Mattresses should especially fit your sleeping pattern when suffering from a bad back. Choose one that fits the curves of your back and makes you feel comfortable in whichever position you might lie. Medium-firm mattresses are recommended for back pain, although the meaning of medium-firm can differ for each person. Select a mattress that’s not too soft or too hard for your back in order to help you sleep and recover faster. Read more on this article.


Look for These Signs to Know When You Should be Looking at New Mattresses


Though you might not realize it, mattresses actually play a vital role on your health. On average you spend one third of your life on your mattress. You might be surprised to learn that your mattress can help with various health issues like cold and flu, obesity, heart disease, depression and spinal health.

You might love your mattress and not believe you need a new one, but if you start to notice these signs from your mattress or your body, then it could be time to ditch the old one and get a new one.

What Your Mattress is Telling You

Your mattress tells you when it’s no longer working like it should. One of the most visible signs is sagging. It doesn’t matter what type of mattress you have: springs break down, memory foam finally loses its memory and gets softer. Fibers in other mattress composites simply become compressed. At the end of the day, you should start looking for a new mattress if the current one begins to sag. Read more from this blog.

Comfortable New Mattresses: When and What To Buy and Why You Need New Ones

Buying New Mattresses in Los Angeles: The Best Ones for Better Sleep

If you’re constantly waking up with a back ache, while other family members are complaining of poor sleep, it’s time to check the quality of your mattresses. An old mattress can give you health problems, particularly if it’s already directly affecting sleep quality. Most likely, you need to buy a new mattress. Before you do, you should learn about the features of the best one for you and your family, and why you should invest on good mattresses.

Characteristics of the Best Mattresses

There’s no single formula for choosing mattresses. The spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and an associate professor at Georgia State University, Dr. Michael Decker, emphasized that the idea of the best mattress is highly subjective. He stressed that there is no one best mattress, and instead, it depends on the person who would lie on it. Additionally, you should test the mattress by lying on it for 20 minutes, which is as long as a nap. This way, you can personally assess the comfort level and determine if the mattress is just the right firmness.

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Ideal Mattresses in Los Angeles that Help Alleviate Bad Back Symptoms

One type of mattress that some people may be familiar with is the kind with memory foam. As the name suggests, this type is soft enough to accommodate and adjust to body curves and regain its original shape afterward. However, its very design can’t provide ample back support, which could lead to worse back pain than before.

Meanwhile, an innerspring mattress in Los Angeles is the type that can provide sufficient back support. This mattress consists of springs or coils, which are the primary source of support for the body. While the number and shape of coils, the distribution of the coils, and the number of turns in each spring are all factors contributing to the mattress’s comfort and durability, looking into the coil construction is of utmost importance.