Organic Mattress Store in Los Angeles Urges Parents to Replace their Kids’ Beds

Organic Mattress Store Proud to Offer the Best Bed Mattress for Kids

For parents, ensuring the health, wellness, and safety of their kids take top priority. This means invoking a stricter code of acceptance with every product purchase, from food to clothing. However, most parents tend to overlook one of the biggest purchases they ever make for their kids: their beds.

It’s not enough that your child’s bed looks cute or bouncy. You also have to consider its health aspects, such as the mattress’ capacity for housing allergens that can potentially harm your kids as they sleep.

Potential Allergens in Your Mattress

It might not be a big deal for adults, but children tend to be more sensitive to chemicals present in the common mattress. For example, most bed manufacturers use formaldehyde and flame retardants in processing mattresses. While the amount is negligibly small that it might not prove harmful to adults, inhaling its fumes might cause significant damage to a child’s nascent immune system. Read more from this blog.